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Buyers Inspections- Not every buyer knows what to look for when purchasing a house. Many times buyers are too involved in the purchase of the home to be able to also look at the house objectively, so they order a Buyers Inspection.


Sellers Inspections- Home owners who are about to list their houses on the market often order a Pre-Sale Inspection. In many cases even though they have lived in the house for many years, they are not aware of the issues the house has acquired. So to avoid any “surprises” that might turn up during a Buyers Inspection, they have their house professionally inspected prior to listing it on the market. The sellers also have the added benefit of using this report and any repair receipts as a marketing tool for their house.


Home Check-up- A special service we offer is a punchlist inspection that allows even those who live far away to be pro-active homeowners by becoming aware of the issues with their houses created by exposure, storms, and/or renters.

New Construction/One Year/Remodeling Inspections A house and its systems should be at their best when brand new. However, no matter how good the builder, mistakes are made and it always a good idea to get an objective summation of the quality of the construction and installation of the house and its systems.

Light Commercial- Office buildings and workshops sustain a lot of wear and tear. They are also places where the public visits and as a building owner, you want to make sure that everything is ship-shape and safe. 


Infrared Imaging-  this is performed as a separate service to the Home Inspection and is not ever included in a Home Inspection report.  As a service, an infrared image can tell a homeowner alot about their house.  In the picture above, the homeowner had recently invested in spray-foam insulation which was applied to the wall framing from the interior.  This thermal image was taken on a cool night where the temperatures on the inside were super-heated (note color of roof indicating heat loss).  The walls however are of a consistent color with the ambient temperature indicating that it is not leaking warm air from the interior.  This service is a great tool for finding air leakage and moisture intrusion.

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