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 Beach Home Inspections

Duck Home Inspection

Welcome- How to use this website
To schedule an inspection please: 

  1. Follow the above link for Scheduling

  2. Fill out the online form (Note that the information requested on the form is most often best known by the Realtor and therefore the Realtor may be the best person to complete the process. However, if the information is known, anyone can perform this task- it's easy!)

  3. Hit the submit button and I'll respond by *email  (usually the same day) that will specify the date the inspection will be performed and the fee.

  4. Thank you!

*Please note that included in the email will be instructions on how to complete the (required) services agreement and to pay for the inspection. If you have already been quoted a fee, please feel free to follow the link above for Agreements and Payments where you can complete the form and make the payment.

I've tried hard to make this process the easiest part of the home buying process.

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